Major League Hacking 2020 Hackathon Season


Come with ideas,
leave with inventions.

February 8-9, 2020 | Norman, OK

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What's a Hackathon?

University of Oklahoma’s Hacklahoma is known for organizing Oklahoma’s biggest hackathons. Anyone who has an interest in technology attends a hackathon to learn, build and share their creations in a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere. Even those with little to no experience are welcome to attend and learn!


Participate in Oklahoma’s biggest hackathon and inspire new innovations.



Provide guidance and advice to hackers as they build solutions to pressing problems in our community.



Support the hackers and organizers making sure they are well accommodated.



These tracks, courtesy of Hack Rice, are guides to help attendees dive in and complete a hack.


Who can attend?

Any student over the age of 18 can participate, regardless of major, background, or skill level.

Does it cost anything?

Admissions is completely free! Everything is on us. That means meals, drinks, snacks, sleeping areas, and swag are all taken care of. Just bring yourself and your cool ideas!

Any travel reimbursements?

Yes! We try to be inclusive as possible and will distribute travel reimbursements based on our funding.

Do I need any experience?

No experience is needed. Whether you're a coder, an artist, or a writer, you'll get to work with various mentors, attend workshops, interact with companies, and learn alongside fellow participants.

Are there teams?

We encourage everyone to work with a team! Teams may contain up to 4 people. We will also be offering a team-building session at the beginning of the hacking period.

What should I bring?

To check in, you must show your Student ID. You should also bring a laptop, chargers, toiletries, a change of clothes, sleeping bag, pillow, and anything else you would need for an overnight weekend. Keep in mind that Hacklahoma will last for 24hrs.

What is the Code of Conduct?

Hacklahoma welcomes students from all backgrounds and values the importance of a safe and all-inclusive space. Anyone attending must adhere to the MLH Code of Conduct.

Isn't hacking illegal?

Yes, hacking is illegal. We define a hack as jury-rigging something inelegantly but effectively, usually as a temporary solution to a problem. Like duct taping a hole in a sinking boat to keep it afloat.

Will there be food?

We will supply food for Saturday’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday’s breakfast with plenty of snacks and drinks throughout. All free of charge!

Can I start my project before?

No, you cannot work or copy past projects. You can brainstorm ideas and collect whatever software and tools you need, as long as the project is completely new.

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